Our company has experience in processing payroll for companies with a small number of employees as well as companies employing over 500 people.

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  • #communication with all relevant authorities
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  • Payroll and human resources consulting

  • // checking the received details for the purposes of the calculation of payroll;
  • // monthly compilation and calculation of employees´ payroll;
  • // distribution of payroll slips and meal tickets;
  • // preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual statements for the needs of social security institutions, tax authorities and DDP;
  • // registration, deregistration and reporting of changes with insurance companies (employer and employees);
  • // preparation of annual clearances for the needs of tax offices and health insurance companies;
  • // preparation of employment records and confirmations of a taxable payroll;
  • // preparation of employees´ registration sheets for needs of the Social Insurance Company;
  • // communication with social security institutions;
  • // payroll accounting and human resources consulting.

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