Financial accounting

Depending on our clients´ requirements, we also provide, in addition to the regular administration of accountancy and payroll, “comprehensive financial services”, usually based on long-term cooperation. “Comprehensive financial services” means the provision of services at the level of the internal Financial Department.

  • #doubly-entry accounting
  • #issuance of invoices
  • #tracking the maturity of receivables and liabilities
  • #providing for payments
  • #consultancy in the field of accounting and taxes

  • Comprehensive financial services

  • // processing accounting documents (formal accuracy checking);
  • // preparing monthly financial statements (coding on accounting documents, inventory of accounts, preparing outputs as required by the client);
  • // maintaining records and processing inventories of fixed assets, compiling depreciation plans;
  • // managing AP/AP ledgers;
  • // providing accounting advisory;
  • // preparing all tax returns relating to the client´s activity (value added tax, real estate tax, motor vehicle tax, corporate income tax);
  • // preparing payment orders for the purposes of the fulfilment of all tax obligations and delivering all relevant forms (tax returns etc.) to the Tax Office within a statutory period;
  • // tracking the due receivables, preparing reminders and payment orders;
  • // representing clients and communicating with tax authorities;
  • // preparing annual financial statements and annexes laid down by law (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Notes)

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