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Economic systems and software

When providing our services, we use the following economic systems and applications.

#Datamolino #Multicash
#ERP Pohoda #QI #Money S3
#Windows server remote access


A web application providing the electronic exchange, archiving of accounting documents (followed by data extraction for the needs of automated import in a structure required by the relevant ERP solution. The www.datamolino.com application allows for uploading, archiving and extracting data from incoming invoices, as well as their authorization by access owners, processing history tracking, comfortable and transparent access to the history.

Functionality at the level of archiving and electronic exchange is ensured in accordance with the legislative requirements of the SR and European directives; thus, it is possible to desist from keeping and archiving printed accounting documents.



A homebanking tool for managing current bank accounts without being dependent on an individual bank application or Internet banking. By using Multicash, we manage current accounts, i.e. the submission of domestic and foreign payment orders, downloading statements, current balances and confirmations of transfers online from any bank in various countries. Multicash allows for various levels of access rights of individual users, which means that we are able to work with a bank account both actively (transfers) and passively (statement downloading only).

#ERP Pohoda

Accounting software meeting all the assumptions for accounting pursuant to statutory and procedural requirements on a daily updated basis. The Pohoda software is fully connectable with inputs and outputs from other solutions used, i.e. Datamolino and Multicash.



An economic system tailored-made for the specific demands and requirements of companies.


#Money S3

The Money S3 accounting software is also very popular due to its smooth appearance and easy control. It is simple and fast and offers all necessary modules.


#Windows server remote access

A Windows license solution allowing for access to the server and interface for insight into applications and software made available.